Kamis, 19 Mei 2016

Asakusa Temple

Asakusa Temple is located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. The temple is dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon (Avalokiteśvara). According to legend, a statue of the Kannon was found in the Sumida River in 628 by two fishermen, the brothers Hinokuma Hamanari and Hinokuma Takenari. The chief of their village, Hajino Nakamoto, recognized the sanctity of the statue and enshrined it by remodeling his own house into a small temple in Asakusa so that the villagers could worship Kannon.
The first temple was founded in 645 CE, which makes it the oldest temple in Tokyo. In the early years of the Tokugawa shogunateTokugawa Ieyasu designated Sensō-ji as tutelary temple of the Tokugawa clan.
The Nishinomiya Inari shrine is located within the precincts of Sensō-ji and a torii identifies the entry into the hallowed ground of the shrine. A bronze plaque on the gateway structure lists those who contributed to the construction of the torii, which was erected in 1727 (Kyōhō 12, 11th month).
During World War II, the temple was bombed and destroyed. It was rebuilt later and is a symbol of rebirth and peace to the Japanese people. In the courtyard there is a tree that was hit by a bomb in the air raids, and it had regrown in the husk of the old tree and is a similar symbol to the temple itself.
The reason I want go to this temple are:
1. It is the oldest temple in Japan.
2. Every year, there are about 30 milion people from Japan or aboard visited this temple.
3. I really in love with Japan right now.
This temple is really crowded every time I think. From the picture I get from google, it always looks like this
I also watch a variety show about this temple and it is really crowded, for real. There are also a festival every spring season and it called, Sanja Matsuri. The surrounding area has many traditional shops and eating places that feature traditional dishes (hand-made noodles, sushi, tempura, etc.).
The Nakamise-dōri is a street on the approach to the temple. It is said to have come about in the early 18th century, when neighbors of Sensō-ji were granted permission to set up shops on the approach to the temple. However, in May 1885 the government of Tokyo ordered all shop owners to leave. In December of that same year the area was reconstructed in Western-style brick. During the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake many of the shops were destroyed, then rebuilt in 1925 using concrete, only to be destroyed again during the bombings of World War II.
The length of the street is approximately 250 meters and contains around 89 shops.

Credits : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sens%C5%8D-ji

Jumat, 06 Mei 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

Education is The Most Important Thing in this era. We get education from birth until die. All things that we didn’t know before is something that we can learn with asking someone that you can trust. It can be your family, friends, or teacher.
In Indonesia we should take 9 year of school. The government is giving people in this country a free school until 9 year which is Junior High School. The President program is until 12 year but it will take some years for it, because the money is not ready yet. 2013 is a year when the curriculum changed from KTSP to Kurikulum 2013. The system is different from before. Kurikulum 2013 is making the student become a multi-tasking person. All student get 23.45 hour per week. I don’t know with other school but mine is like that. We go to school from 7 pm until 2.15 pm. It is not include for other lesson that we take for a semester. We studying 17 school lesson it is, Math, Science, Bahasa, English, Nationalism, Religion, Sport, Art and others. We spent 6 year at SD, 3 year at SMP, and 3 year SMA. After 12 year of school we will go to University.
I think study is not just when we at school but also in our environment. First is Family, our Parents is the first that give you a lesson from ABC until become like them again. When a child lives in the family that too harsh for them it will also make a huge impact for the child. Second is School, you must be often heard about bullying in school. Is it risky? Of course, it is. The impact also huge, you can be stress and cut your own hand or the worst part is commit suicide.

So, education is not only in school, but also in your family. Make sure your son or daughter is can get along with other person.

嵐 - Still

"Itsuka…" kimi ga itta Wasuresou na sono kotoba wo omoidashiteita / "Someday" I remembered that word you said which seemed easy to forget
Michi no ue de kisetsu wo yobu Kaze ga tomaru / On a path, the wind that would call the seasons stops
Soshite kimi no koe de ware ni kaeru Itsumo no kurashi wa tsudzuiteiru / Then, I come to my senses thanks to your voice and continue my usual way of living
Nanimo kamo ga kagayaiteta ano hi kara / Just about everything has been shining since that day

Tobira wo tozashitara Kiete shimai souna kotoba kari da / If you close the door, then it seems like everything will just completely disappear
Sunao ni narenakute satte itta hakanai mainichi / Every day passed quickly as I couldn't get familiar with being honest

Tabun ano toki bokura wa aruki dashitanda Tagai ni chigau michi wo / Probably, we started walking at that time Each on our different roads
Itsuka ano omoi ga kagayaki hanatsu toki made / Until someday when those feelings would emit a radiance
Sharin ga mawari dashitara Tabi wa hajimatte shimau kara / If the wheels start to turn, then the journey will completely begin
Mou hagurenai you ni / So that I won't get lost again
Kako wo sotto dakishimeru / I'll gently hold onto my past

Zutto kakushiteita himitsu datte Kimi dake ni wa tsutaeta kitanda / 
Even though it was a secret I'd kept hidden for a long time, I was able to tell it only to you
Donna toki mo boku no subete Tabun mada… / 
No matter when, telling you everything about me, I probably couldn't do it yet…

Sawagashii machinami Surechigatte yuku na mo shiranai hito / 
On the noisy streets, I'm passing by people whose names I don't know
Minna sou taisetsu na dareka ga ite mune wo kogashiteru / Everyone looks like they are yearning for someone important to them

Kakaeta mono no oosa ni tsuburesou na sono toki ni wa Omoidashite / When I was carrying so many things it seemed like they'd get crushed, I remembered at that moment
Zutto tsunaide kita Sono te wa uso janai kara / We're always connected Because that hand isn't a lie
Modoreru hazu mo nai hi ga itooshii yo Demo ashita mo bokutachi wo matteiru / Days that shouldn't be able to return are precious But tomorrow is waiting for us too
Doko e datte mada yukeru / We can still go anywhere

“Ano hi kimi wa boku ni nante ittetakke…” / “That day, I think you were trying to say something to me…”
Nante ittatte mou kankei nai ne / Even if I told you what, it doesn't matter anymore
Sanzan atte Dandan wakatte Kisetsu semari kite sanzan naite / Meeting with difficulty Gradually understanding Crying terribly as the seasons drew near
Kimi wa kimi Yume dekkaku egaite / You are you Drawing your huge dreams
Boku wa koko kara seikou wo negatteru / From here, I'll be hoping for your success

"Matteru dake ja ashita wa nai kara Ugoita koko ja hajimaranai kara" / "If I'm only waiting, then there will be no tomorrow I moved because nothing will start from here"

Saki no mienai kurai dorou mo Sore ga tatoe ukairo demo / Even the dark road from before that I couldn't see
Ima wa sukoshi futari to mo / Even if that was, for example, a detour
Tsurai hyoujou Shimatte okou / Now, for a little while, let's both leave behind our painful expressions
Kore wa wakare dewa nai Deai tachi to no mata arata na hajimari / This isn't goodbye Our meetings are another new beginning
Tada boku wa nao anata ni aitai / But I want to meet you even more
Mada… / I still do…
Itsuka waratte mata saikai Sou zettai / Someday we'll meet again and laugh That's right, absolutely

Tabun ano toki bokura wa aruki dashitanda Tagai ni chigau michi wo / Probably, we started walking at that time Each on our different roads
Itsuka futari de atta imi ga wakaru toki made / Until someday when we understand the reason the two of us met
Sharin ga mawari dashitara Tabi wa hajimatte shimao kara / If the wheels start to turn, then the journey will completely begin
Mou hagurenai you ni Kako wo sotto dakishimeru / So that I won't get lost again, I'll gently hold onto my past

Credits by: yarukizero

Okay, this is my favorite song right now. This song is called 'Still...' from a group named ARASHI. They are from japan. They have five members and debuted at 1999. This song is written at 2007 in 'Happiness' single. Anyway, let's check what the meaning of this song.

This song is about two people that have to end their relation, as a lover or a friend. I think they must to end that and it won't work if they stay still. Of course, it's really hard for both of them. They will started walking on their different roads. Without someone who can be their secret keeper. And the rap part is the most hitting my heart. It says that, 'If I'm only waiting, then there will be no tomorrow I moved because nothing will start from here'. It also says that they believe they will meet again and laugh together again.

It's about someone that walk into our lives and walk away without really leaving us, because they are meant for us. And you are you, so draw your huge dreams for now. Until we meet again someday.

Minggu, 24 Januari 2016

My Last Holiday

New year holiday. My recent holiday was new year holiday. It was about 3 week from 23rd December 2015 until 9th January 2016. These 3 weeks I spent with my family, but sadly I was having SP (short semester).

Short semester. If your score didn't satisfy, at my school, you would have joined short semester with your teacher. It was like having a semester but in short time. I was having my short semester with my English teacher. And of course it was because my score almost past, but yet I didn't make it. It took me down. I thought in the day when the result was out I would past it, but it wasn't. There were something like, "Ah... I didn't make it." and after that my eyes get blur. I cried a lot that day. And it was annoy me, really. I had have short semester in three days 28, 29, and 30 December.

For other day, I spent all day with my family. We went shopping because it was sale for new year eve or maybe watched drama or concert with my sister. Recently, there were an idol group from Japan that my sister and I liked. And we watched all about them in last holiday. I didn't go anywhere but it was fun I thought.

Selasa, 29 Desember 2015

My School Life

Well, I had been studying at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung since 6 month ago. I really liked studying here. Maybe it was influenced by several factors, for example friends. Of course, friends always influence or might be said environment. I was really comfortable with my new friends. They were friendly and easy going. One thing I learned, that new school not always bad. There weren’t seniority or bullying. And I was so impressed.

And then, it was about school club. I joined three club at school there are art, angklung, and cooperative.  My favorite one was art. I very liked it. I had make a decoration for school event, Nagabonar. I love it. I was very enjoying when I’m doing it. The last was the canteen. Yes, of course. I love ate. My mood would be higher when I ate something. I often went to canteen when break time. I really love my school for now.

CAMPRT (Camping Pramuka Tiga)

In 15 and 16 December 2015, my school was held a camp. We received a letter that containing all we needed for the camp. The day before camp, we held a technical meeting which discussed about what we needed at the camp. The location was at Kiarapayung, Jatinangor.
In the morning, about 6 am, my friends and I came together to school and prepared our self in 15 minutes. After got an instruction from the teacher, I got on a truck with my classmate. The trip took time about 2 hours. We arrived at 9. Within 1 hour, we held an opening ceremony. And after that, I set up the tent with my friends. It took a half hour. The teacher said that we would take a break in one and a half hour. At 1 pm, we learned about how to make a litter. It took 2 hours and after that we took a break again. After 1 hour, we went back again learned about how to make a litter. The teacher said that we would hold a competition to make a litter. For 1 hours, we follow those activity. After words, we went back to the tent and took a break in 3 hours. At 8 pm, we held a bonfire. In these activity, each class would show a performing. My class was showing a dance, it named “Poco-Poco” but failed. Really really failed. One of my friends, Auliya was really sad about these. I said, “It’s okay, maybe next time we will be better than this time,” and she smile again. The bonfire was finished. We went back to the tent and took a rest.
The next day, we woke up in the morning about 4 am. We got ready in two and a half hour. At 6.30, we were exercise and cooking in 1 hour. After that, we ate our food that had taken from home. After 1 hour, we held a wide game. Wide game was a game that train our senses. It took 4 hour. After that, we unload the tent and held a closing ceremony. After all of  the activity was clear, we went back to school.

For me, camprt was very memorable and delightful.

My Feeling

28, 29, and 30 December 2015, I had a short semester for English subject. Actually, I was so sad when I took my final score, my English score was not satisfy with the standard. All I did that day was crying until my eyes got bigger and it turned red. Honestly, my face that day was really frightening. I was so pathetic.
Actually, my final score was not satisfy, it was because I didn’t came to my teacher to reform my score. I was really regret about this. The day when all of my friends saw their score, I was at the other city for a wedding invitation. I couldn’t went back to Bandung that day. So, I needed to implement  my short semester.
This day was the second day of my short semester. It was not really bad like I thought before. Even if I had to go to school in my holiday, I thought this is also for me. For my self improvement. I had to take positive about this and not be a pessimist person.